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2Pcs “BREMBO” Disk Brake Caliper Cover Set Small Size(S) Blue Colour

Original price was: රු1,400.00.Current price is: රු1,100.00.

ItemType: BrakeCaliperCover (Brembo)
Material: ABS Heavy Plastic
Application: CarBrakeCaliper (Disk Break)
Size: 190*55mm/7.5*2.2in(L*W)
SuitableCarType: Please measure actual car caliper size
Quantity: 2Pcs
ItemType:BrakeCaliperCover (Brembo)
Material:ABS Heavy Plastic
Application:CarBrakeCaliper (Disk Break)
SuitableCarType:Please measure actual car caliper size
Installation Guide:

1. Remove the wheels and clear the stock caliper housing

2. Apply some silicone glue between caliper cover kit and caliper housing (Use the high Quality Silicone Glue (durable with high temp)

3. Attach the caliper cover kit to the caliper housing.

4. Move the caliper cover kit to the suitable position and fix it with temporary paper tape.

5. Apply High Temp Resistance Silicone Sealer to the outside of your existing Brake Calipers (do not let the glue touch the brake pads) and hold in place for 2-4 hours (example below) while on the vehicle.

6. Allow the AB glue to dry.

7. Reattach the wheel and spin the wheel to check the clearance.

8. Installation Finished!


1.Material: ABS Plastic

2.Item type: Universal Car Tire Internal Decoration

3.Item Weight:0.23 kg/2pcs

4.Color: Blue

5.100% Brand new


1.Easy Install with Silicon Glue (the Glue NOT included in the package)

2. High-quality clear coating, long lasting and heat resistance..

3.Tested and proven It does not affect the normal brake function

4.Strong heat resistance and ABS thick plastic

5.3D Brembo style appearance design

Package includes:2 x Brembo brake caliper covers

x 1pair(2pcs)


In order to ensure customer buy the right size, we need the customer to measure the vehicle brake disc size before buying.Because of the disc brake caliper cover in

our store has three different dimensions. If the customer told me after measuring the size of the brake disc, I can accurately tell the customer which size is suitable

Specifications of 2Pcs “BREMBO” Disk Brake Caliper Cover Set Small Size(S) Blue Colour
BrandNo BrandSKU101166915_LK-1006694775ModelBremboServicesproducts only
What’s in the box 2 x Small Size Caliper Cover Set (Colour Blue)


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